Female Plastic Surgeon Miami



Breast Augmentation

Dr. Chavez explained all possible risks and made me feel very much at ease; she was extremely patient, courteous and professional. These are three assets that every doctor should have. She is a wonderful person and a true asset to the medical profession. –M.P.

My procedure has allowed me to experience “extreme satisfaction”. Everything was perfect. I absolutely loved Dr. Chavez and felt a connection that was extremely important to me. –E. S.

I will not deny that I was very skeptical about having surgery, but once surgery was performed and saw my end results there is only one word to describe them they are just “beautiful” I am beyond happy with my results. Dr. Chavez was very thorough, which helped me a lot; she is a very experienced surgeon. I felt extremely comfortable with her and her staff. –J.G.

 I went from not having a chest, feeling like a boy and being uneven to now wishing I wore them as a shirt, they are just LOVELY.  Dr. Chavez just works miracles. She is simply the best. From now on, anything else I need she's my one and only choice as a surgeon. -H.G.

Abdominoplasty(Tummy Tuck)

My experience with my procedure was actually exciting and shocking enough “painless”. Dr. Chavez has to be the BEST surgeon created and I hope she plans to be around for quite some time because I plan on going to see her often. –E.R.

Full Breast Lift with Breast Augmentation

 I had a perfect experience and I got the help I needed with any questions I had regarding my surgery. My surgery was planned so well I could not think of anything else that could have improved it. I felt so comfortable with Dr. Chavez’s explanations regarding my surgery that I knew she was the one I was looking for. -R.G.

My experience with my procedure has been that I can feel once again how I felt before having my 2 children… “Young and Beautiful”. Selecting Dr. Chavez as my surgeon was not a difficult task due to the fact that she is a female and she made me feel so comfortable. She understood what I was looking for and my point of view. –G. O.

 Abdominoplasty(Tummy Tuck) and Breast Augmentation 

I went from “droopy-long” breast to a firm nice looking chest. I no longer have stretch marks after my abdominoplasty and my loose hanging skin is now a tight firm stomach. Dr. Chavez is just phenomenal. She is a doctor whom is sincere, honest, and answers every question you may have. There is never any question left unanswered.  She is supportive and there when you need her along with her amazing staff. –I.R.